Saturday, May 23, 2015

Scholarships Awarded for APPPAH's Pre-Natal and Peri-Natal Educator (PPNE) Certificate Program

I fell in love with the idea of prayer flags when I first saw them. In my understanding prayer flags are blessed to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom and then they are hung so that as the wind blows through them, they will spread these blessings across the land to benefit all.

I founded BirthPower because I believe that supporting, protecting and nurturing mothers and babies during the beginning of life are the key to the better society we all yearn for.  Love, compassion, the ability to form connections, empathy, health and wellness are all influenced during this important time and thus so the whole of humanity is influenced. Another reason I have created BirthPower is that that I believe that birthworkers, along with those who support, nurture, and heal the family, should be lifted and supported- and they should also prosper while doing their good in the world.

Our world will flourish when all human beings are prosperous, connected, and they understand how to connect to their own inner guidance systems. The blueprint for this is laid out during the primal period, which begins at preconception and extends to around age 1 or toddler hood.

To this end, I have made available two scholarships from the Pre-Natal and Peri-Natal Educator (PPNE) CertificateProgram from the Association of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH)
to be awarded through a partnership with BirthPower for two deserving birthworkers. 

I believe that when we support others who are doing good work in the world, we support our own selves by sending out an energetic a “YES!” to the creation of a world that we want to live in.
These bright shining stars, these luminaries, are already, “something special” and I have observed that they live life marching to the beat of a different drummer.  I have no doubt that whatever they learn from the APPPAH certificate program will be integrated into their own important work, and their communities will be exponentially blessed. 

The two BirthPower  Luminaries are:
Samsarah Morgan, DD (Founder & Director at Nia Center for Birth and Family Life) Oakland

Dr Samsarah Morgan, shining a light!

Shift Groundwalker – Doula in training

Shift giving heart and hands to the service of the 
Birthkeeper Summit