Sunday, May 10, 2015

Finding my mother, after her death...

My mom passed over 2 years ago. Recently, I have notice her everywhere...
I just wanted to honor her today...

Photo: Loretta Hornfeck-DaSilva

A special night gifted from my friend, Dave.

You are in the tilt of my head,
the joke on my lips,
the sureness in by hand as I wipe my children's face.

When I laugh, I can hear you sometimes, laughing with me.
If I listen, you whisper in my ear,
and I remember your feel,
and the spin of your humor,
and the steel of your strength.

Your body is gone, but
your spirit lives on,
woven among the threads that create my body,
mind and spirit.

I thought that it would be terrible to lose you,
but the final joke is that
you were alive in me

My mom & my youngest daughter.

I love you Mom!