Sunday, May 11, 2014

On Feminine Power: Courage, Intuition, Clarity, Endurance

Today on Mothers day and every day I am connected through social media to the unsung power of the feminine I see:

Women with the courage to face her past story and old beliefs and share that journey with the world.

Women having the courage to stand for what they believe is right.

Woman standing, alone if necessary, to do what her internal guidance system tells her.

Woman overcoming adversity to find her power.

As we we nurture and grow respect for our feminine strengths, the strengths which have been shunned by many, we will heal and grow our own internal power and knowing.  These powers have been repressed and unwelcome in women worldwide over many thousands of years.

Today, my hero is Karen Webster who is being prosecuted for "practicing medicine," in Delaware as a Midwife. Today she shares her journey in her own words:

Let us celebrate the power, courage, intuition, clarity and endurance of the feminine today and all days. This will help grow our awareness of the feminine powers.

Who are your heroes and why?  Tell her story today celebrate a strong woman, and tell the world why!