Sunday, May 11, 2014

On Feminine Power: Courage, Intuition, Clarity, Endurance

Today on Mothers day and every day I am connected through social media to the unsung power of the feminine I see:

Women with the courage to face her past story and old beliefs and share that journey with the world.

Women having the courage to stand for what they believe is right.

Woman standing, alone if necessary, to do what her internal guidance system tells her.

Woman overcoming adversity to find her power.

As we we nurture and grow respect for our feminine strengths, the strengths which have been shunned by many, we will heal and grow our own internal power and knowing.  These powers have been repressed and unwelcome in women worldwide over many thousands of years.

Today, my hero is Karen Webster who is being prosecuted for "practicing medicine," in Delaware as a Midwife. Today she shares her journey in her own words:

Let us celebrate the power, courage, intuition, clarity and endurance of the feminine today and all days. This will help grow our awareness of the feminine powers.

Who are your heroes and why?  Tell her story today celebrate a strong woman, and tell the world why!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Multiply Yourself. My Challenge to YOU!

As I mentally prepare for Birth PowerWeek coming up on May 15th, I think about how powerful every individual is.  We have resources, and with the time it take to play candy crush, we can use that same energy and time to make a difference in the world!

Today, we all have resources within our easy reach which can add energy and awareness to the good work and important projects which are being done in the world.

If you are like me, you may occasionally feel depressed or angry about the world we live in. You may feel that the world's problems are too big, and that you can't possibly do anything that would matter or make a real difference. The truth is that you do have power as an individual because what you give your energy, money and attention to will grow in the world. If you are thoughtful and deliberate you can skillfully use your resources to create the kind of world that you want to see.

How to Multiply Yourself- My Challenge.

When you say "yes" to another persons important work by giving of yourself, in essence they become YOUR hands and YOUR heart doing the good in the world. You have the ability to multiply yourself in this way endlessly.

Every week, assist someone who is doing good in the world. Make a pledge to seek out one person, one organization or one movement and add your energy to the good that they are already creating in the world.  When you help them, you "expand the good," and grow the things that inspire you or bring you hope.

This can be as simple as sharing their work through e-mail or social media, or even as easy as offering your resources, wisdom or talents to their mission. If you sat down right now, I am sure that you will find that you have resources which can be used creatively for positive good. Here are just a few ideas...

Next, make a promise to yourself to tithe or to give money towards an important project, every week!

You can pledge as little  $5 every week. (That's a bag of potato chips, or a coffee and a bagel.)  Give this money to someone who is doing good in the world, the kind of good that you would like to see grow. By supporting these people, you grow the world that you would like to see.

Before I started giving, I didn't think that I had much to give. I told myself that my giving didn't matter and that my small giving I could not make a difference.

Then one day I decided to give $5 weekly to someones important work. What happened was that I realized that I DID have money to give and it felt so good, I started giving more, and more frequently. Now I feel much more powerful and positive about change being possible. My giving and assisting people makes me feel prosperous.

My challenge is to simply start with $5 per week. If you can't do that give $5 every month to someone who is doing good in the world. When you gift another who is doing good- you become their hands and their heart doing good in the world, and you will feel prosperous and your feeling of helplessness will be sure to change.

The world will reflect back to you your "good," and you will multiply yourself!

Be sure to share the good here, and tell me about it!

Much Love,
Barbara Rivera
Birth Power Week

Next take a look at your resources, and think about how you will use them for  Birth Power Week this May 15th! We will take 7 days and promote what we feel is important about empowered birth and beyond. Together we can have the marketing ability of Coca Cola, or a pharmaceutical company.