Sunday, September 1, 2013


We have many resources at our disposal.

The world’s growing access to the internet is spawning creativity and change in ways that has never been possible in human history. With the access to free social media, any person’s idea or video can go viral and be viewed by millions of people.   

Here is what is exciting to me; if birth workers can be inspired to take united action,  we could have the marketing ability of a large pharmaceutical company.   We have the power to affect the mainstream consciousness regarding birth, from right within our own homes, if we could find a purpose broad enough to inspire us into collective action.

Using our computers and mobile devices to access the internet, many of us can share an idea and reach a handful of people through social networking sites. With a little know how, an individual has the ability to reach hundreds or thousands  of people daily.  If we include the reach of all the larger organizations who’s mission is to serve mother and babies, our reach becomes much larger.  By using newsletters, Facebook, blogs, radio shows and other social media tools we have an
immense collective reach which we can use to bring awareness to any worthy issue.  Our networks can be as powerful as any media outlet.

Is it possible that there can really be an idea or campaign that enough people could get behind to make this work? How do we find something to agree on that will excite us all into taking an action? What action would make a difference to us all?

The answer to creating a ‘unified purpose’ for Birthworkers is complex.  First, we must embrace the fact that there is not just one answer to the many problems surrounding pregnancy and birth; the problems are deeply rooted in each region, culture, history and economics. The answer has many facets, just like a diamond sparkles because of it’s many faces or surfaces, and so the answers that will heal the issues around birth needs all of our voices, ideas, and actions to be realized within our own communities.  What unites us is our desire to improve birth for mothers and babies.

Birth Power Week

The original Birth Power Week was called Empowered Birth Awareness Week (EBAW). It was launched in 2011 as a vehicle to drive social change by using our collective action to share, magnify and grow the awareness that is needed to heal birth for mothers and babies throughout the world.

Using the momentum and energy already existing from Carla Hartly’s Birth Truth on Labor Day,  an event celebrated yearly in the USA on the first Monday every September,  that week was chosen to birth the first EBAW campaign.  I asked my Facebook friends and contacts to participate by flooding the public with their vision, definitions, ideas and images of what it means to have an empowered birth.  
Everyone was encouraged to create and / or support local events to celebrate Empowered Birth Awareness in whatever way they were inspired. 


The week turned out to be a great success!   Individuals and organizations responded to celebrate EBAW, each using their own talents and visions to magnify what they thought that woman,  babies,  and the public needed to become aware of.  The idea behind this week became much bigger than any one person or organization.  Here are a few projects from past EBAW participants.

  • Jan Tritten from Midwifery Today wrote an editorial, “call to action,” in support of EBAW bringing this vision instantly into global consciousness and reach. 
  • Many people released artwork, & photos through social media, flooding the public with images conversations about birt.
  • Some participated with a, "blog carnival," where they shared what, “Empowered Birth,” meant to them.  Birth stories were shared, positive and negative- with mothers talking about what they would do again, and what they would change if they had known better.
  • Progressive Parenting, a blog radio show,  produced one show per day interviewing and speaking to experts about what empowered birth awareness meant to each of them.
  • Sacred Birth Tribe, celebrated with a “Sacred Birth Be-In.” In a daily teleconference, people from around the world gathered for a 10 minute meditation to focus prayers and the envision the creation of a , “New Paradigm of Birth.”

    • Empowered Papa created a Facebook campaign calling for a  viral release of photos showing of the roles of fathers at birth. BOLD Birth, created an online Virtual Town Hall Meeting where visionaries from around the world shared their secrets for creating change in the world.

      Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH)  celebrated the week by offering a webinar on the importance of the primal period in shaping the emotional and physical health of human beings.
If this vision of Birth Power  inspires you, I invite you to join us as we unite our efforts. We will use our collective wisdom, power, and influence to create the world that we want to see.   "Make it Your Own," by taking action during this week. 

You can find some creative ideas on the Birth Power web page below, or e-mail me to find out how to add your event to our page.

What: Birth Power Week
Where: A Global Event
When: May 15- May 22th, 2016

How: Innovate and make it your own!

Facebook: Birth Power Week