Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Blue Jay Brigade, Pregnancy & Birth Human Rights Responders

The Blue Jay Brigade
Pregnancy & Birth, Human Rights Responders
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This call to action is going out to every person who cares about Birth and Human Rights.

Who we are: We are the Responders; Women, Mothers, Birthworkers and Friends of Justice.

We are you: those who want to take the anger and rage and heartache we feel ( also our passion, creativity and energy-in-motion **e-motion**) which rises up in response to the way women and babies are treated and transform that energy into positive action.

We will drive awareness and change. We are part of the Revolution.

Why a The Blue Jay Brigade?
A blue jay is a bird that often lives in a community. When a blue jay nest or baby is in danger from a predator, a parent will call an alarm and all of the local blue jays within hearing distance will fly to "mob," a predator and raise a ruckus, many times chasing the predator away.

You are invited to 
join us here at the facebook action group

Are you aware of just how successful women are when they unite their power to change political or social circumstances?

Take a look at just a few women-united success stories.
Have you heard of Leymah Gbowee?

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Leymah is a Noble Peace Prize Laureate who with her network of women-united,  forced an end to the Second Liberian Civil War.  The women were also the force behind the creation of a Democratic election within their country, governmental reform and the election of a women to office.

Have you ever heard of the Gulabi Gang from India?

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With their pink saris and bamboo sticks these women-united,  call themselves , ”a gang for justice.”

In a community of rampant violence towards women, and a government filed with corruption, they come together to intervene (with sticks) where they think there is an injustice being committed.

Have you ever heard of a “Pots and Pans Brigade?”

Many communities around the world are having peaceful, but powerful collective reactions to violence and injustice. Women living in a community will gather and circle a home where they hear domestic violence taking place and bang loudly on pots and pans until the offender stops.

You can read more about this global phenomena here.

Demanding Change

As shown by those few stories above, woman have the POWER to bring forth social and political change.

We have all been trained to be obedient and to not, “make waves.”  We don't have any experience with women uniting,  being powerful, protesting injustice, and winning.

We certainly don’t see stories like the ones I shared above in main steam media.

We Have An Immense Power: Our United Action

The goal of The Blue Jay Brigade is to DRIVE CHANGE in our society by calling attention to these injustices as they are taking place.  Together we will write letters, create e-mail campaigns and use our phones to call offenders. We are even willing to gather physically and bring public attention to every injustice.

Who do we support? 

Pregnant and birthing mothers, Midwives, and Doctors who are being persecuted for upholding woman's rights. We will show up at policy making meetings for healthcare and hospitals We will show up and rally for change!

We support all who give us permission.

The Blue Jay Brigade was envisioned at the 2nd annual Birth Activist Retreat in Utah, 2013. All are invited to participate and form this movement. Join us here at the facebook action group and add your power to our collective action.

Barbara Rivera