Friday, July 5, 2013

2nd Annual Birth Activist Retreat—Leading Edge Activists & Me!

I would like to excite you into joining us at the 
2nd Annual Birth Activist Retreat.

If you are reading this, we want you, and we need you there. We need all kinds of people to attend, especially those who believe that how we give birth is important.

Who is coming?
The people who are attending are those who;

- want to know secrets from successful leaders about birthing your own visions projects into reality.

- want to lend a hand, in ways big and small, to others across the country who are taking actions to create change.

- want to become community and exchange ideas with those who like to play at the leading edge of activism

An Immense Power- Women-United!

Are you aware of just how successful women are when they unite their power to change political or social circumstances? This idea makes my whole body VIBRATE with excitement.

Take a look at just a few women-united success stories.

Have you heard of Leymah Gbowee?

She is a Noble Peace Prize Laureate who,  with her network of women-united,  forced an end to the Second Liberian Civil War.  

Together they they demanded, and ended. great violence their corrupted nation. The women were also the force behind a democratic election, governmental reform and the election of a women to office. (1)

Have you ever heard of the Gulabi Gang from India?

With their bright pink saris and bamboo sticks these women-united,   call themselves ,”  a gang for justice.”  

In a community of rampant  violence towards women, and a government filed with corruption they came together to intervene where they think there was injustice. They won every time.

Have you ever heard of a “Pots and Pans Brigade?”  This is a different phenomenon which has appeared in many countries.  

In South Africa, when men abuse their wives, the village women will all grab their pots and pans and march to the house of the disturbance. The women will bang the pots and pans outside of the home to show their disapproval until the offender stops being violent.

Demanding Change

As shown by those few stories above, woman have the POWER to bring forth social and political change the reason we don’t is because we are brainwashed  as a society to think we cannot.

We have all been trained to be obedient, not to “make waves,” and to, “grin and bear it.” We are conditioned to be ambivalent and  not to trust in our own judgements.  We don’t have any role models of women uniting,  being powerful and protesting injustice and winning.

We certainly don’t see these stories on the main steam media outlets.

Our goal is not only to meet-- but to DRIVE CHANGE in our society and to create power through our unified actions..
I will be at the Birth Activist Retreat!

I am fortunate to have wiggled my way into an amazing line up of speakers at the Birth Activist Retreat:

Suzanne Arms ( Immaculate Deception and Birthing The Future) ,
Kirsti Kreutzer and Anna Van Wagoner ( Where’s My Midwife? )
Adeola Adeseun- California Families for Access to Midwives
Cristen Pascucci – Human Rights in Childbirth ,
Michal Klau-Stevens – BirthNetwork National ,
Dawn Thompson ( Improving Birth),  
Karen Brody ( Bold Birth), 
Gina Crosley-Corcoran (Feminist Breeder),
January Harshe (Birth Without Fear),
Sherry L. Payne- Founder of Uzazi Village and Perinatal ReSource
Kate Donahue (Truth About Birth in Social Media),
David Paxton (Whole Birth Catalog)

Not only will there be speakers offering Activist Skills to you, but there will be workshops where you can contribute to National campaigns and projects to improve birth. You can also hang out with me!

I can’t wait to meet you and spend time with you and play with the idea of what we can do as Woman-United.

Barbara Rivera
2nd Annual BirthActivist Retreat.