Saturday, June 25, 2011

Humanity's Immune Response, or Why We Must Act!

I am excited about the future of this planet and I can't wait to see the world that my children will get to live and play in. There is a growing awareness on the planet, and a movement towards choosing conscious positive actions versus unconscious fear based, reactions.

A few years ago I went to a wedding and I sat next to a woman who gives workshops for individuals who are wealthy and getting ready to inherit large sums of money.  I was encouraged to hear that her experience was that most of these people were interested in philanthropy, and they were interested in using a portion of their wealth towards a greater good.  I was surprised when she told me that most of these desires came from young people in their 20's.

I was reminded of that conversation after watching this video,  Humanity's Immune Response. This video is powerful, inspiring, and worth the time to watch.   Paul Hawkin, author of Blessed Unrest talks about how individual groups working toward social change and environmental justice are growing globally.   He goes on to say that he believes that this massive moment for social and environmental change is Humanity's Immune Response.

This makes sense to me as I have always felt a drive to speak and act from my passion regarding woman and birth.   When I can't create, speak and act towards releasing this energy- I literally get sick.  

Stephanie Dawn from Sacred Birth Work once explained to me that this, "call to action," comes from the Divine Feminine, which is being manifest into the world through us. This energy will create the inspiration,  and the urge to act in ways that will create real physical change. I am clear now that being a Birthworker (or #BirthKeeper )  is part of Humanity's Immune Response!

Do you have that energy running through you?  Do you feel frustrated, angry, depressed and in pain about the world? Do you keep telling yourself that you can't do anything about it? When you don't allow the energy of action within you to emerge, you aren't being the YOU that you are meant to be, then pain and depression happens. 

This you is needed to bring the Earth healing and balance.

You can use the power released from your anger or frustration and digest it, and use this energy to create to  positive change through your actions. There are many ways to magnify your actions big and small to add your light and energy to the World's Immune Response!

Start today!

Barbara Rivera