Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You don't have to save the world. Tend to yourself.

"Isn't that why you want to save the world in the first place? So that
you can be happy? Well, skip the middleman, and be happy from here!
You're it." -Byron Katie

So true!!!!

I always thought that I would be happy:
When I had enough money,
When I did not have to work so hard,
When I would have ( ever elusive) more time,

When I could spend more time with my children and just enjoy life.

I also dreamed of "prosperity" as a moment in the future. This was where I could hire someone to live the parts of my life that were difficult ( laundry, dishes, cleaning up.)

Until that time, I felt stressed and not happy with "now" because I was always on the go trying the create that better future.

Lately, I have experienced a great shift where I realized that the happiness is now. The prosperity is now. The love and the time to enjoy that is now.

I started by taking the time to notice and celebrate all that was good with my life. This only takes seconds at first, but I have found that these moments are getting longer and longer and taking up my whole life.

We are eating dinner. Everyone is full.
A smiling and happy moment of closeness and joy and laughter with my child.
A good client who appreciates me and does their part.
Warmth from the sun.
A kitty purring.
Kids playing and laughing.
Depositing money into the bank. ( whoo hoo)
Having enough to pay each bill as it comes. (yay)
Seeing my children's book come to life through a painter's hands.( yay)

I think it all started when I truly turned inward and started to act from what I wanted. Also taking the time to experience gratitude all through out the day. One second at a time.